Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Back in Mombasa!!

Hello!! Sorry it's taken so long to write, I've been away from internet access for the past 9 days. We took the train into Nairobi from Mombasa (about 15 hrs, but it was overnight so it wasn't too bad). We were in Nairobi for two days. While we were there we visited a place called Carolina for Kibera - it's a clinic in the middle of Kibera (Africa's 2nd largest slum after one in S. Africa). It was really interesting to see the work they're doing and to hear how they get their resources as well as to see the unique ways they have gotten the community involved. Next we went north into the country... and I mean THE COUNTRY!! We stayed at an outdoor camp called Batain's View, right near Mt. Kenya. It was absolutely beautiful! While we were there, we visited a game reserve where we saw a lioness, hippos, chimps, tons of zebras, elephants... it was pretty neat!!! We also visited both a government and a private secondary school.... the difference between the two was night and day!! The government school didn't have near as many resources. We played soccer with them when school let out.... they obviously beat us, but we had so much fun! Let's see.... what else.... we had an interview with some Mau Mau freedom fighters, and the next day before our mini-hike on Mt. Kenya we toured a Mau Mau cave. On the last day before we left Batain's View we did part of their ropes course.... It was terrifying but so worth it!! We did a catwalk (a bridge about 100 ft up in the trees) and then ziplined down. That was soooooo fun!! So now I'm back in Mombasa until the 8th of August- with the exception of this coming Saturday and part of Sunday when we'll be going up the coast to Malindi. I'll try to post a few updates along the way!!

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