Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from Malindi... last week in Mombasa!

Hello! So we just got back to Mombasa from our weekend in Malindi, which is like 2 hrs north of Mombasa. We stayed at an Italian-owned resort (not unusual because much of Malindi is owned/ frequented by Italians). We all felt like we were in the lap of luxury... after 4 weeks with cold showers and only Swahili food.... we were in heaven with our warm showers and buffet-style meals! lol. It was so beautiful! We went snorkeling this morning out in the reef, and the beach was really just all around beautiful. It was a great little vacation because this past week we had 3 5-page papers to turn in, and this coming week we're preparing to turn in 2 more 5-pagers and we have an exam on Friday! Needless to say, I probably won't get around to writing on here this last week, so I'm just gonna fill everyone in on what the game plan is now. :) So, Monday and Tuesday are just gonna be good ole normal days in Old Town Mombasa - class in the mornings free time in the afternoon. Wednesday our professors are renting a huge house with a pool on the beach and all of us are gonna stay there Wednesday and Thursday night. The profs said its so we can all "recoop, review, and prepare for the final"... but hopefully it will also be a whole bunch of lazin around :). We'll come back to Old Town Mombasa Friday night after all our papers and finals are done (that will be glorious!). And then all that will be left to do Saturday morning is last minute negotiating with local merchants for gifts... My plane leaves Saturday night; then back to the good ole USA!! I'm so thankful for my time here, it really has been eye opening and educational. I think anyone who is considering coming should definitely do so!! But, I will be glad to be home.... I can't wait to stop by Sonic for happy hour!! ;)

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